Cavern Painters

Last Week I showed how the skeletons for the dungeons in Lair of the Kobolds are formed. This week I worked on painters to make these dungeons more varied, and the rules that govern the painters. There are currently three kinds of painters: a painter that makes a rectangular room like the basic rooms shown in the last post, a painter that carves a windy cavern corridor between a room’s connections, and a painter that carves a blobby cavern in the room.

A dungeon using room painters

A dungeon using room painters

The dungeon creator figures out which painter to use based on rules. The main route between the entrance and the exit (stairs down in this case) has to be a cavern corridor or cavern room. Any rooms off the main path may get a cavern or rectangle. To create complexes of carved out rectangular rooms like someone lives there, the rectangles can only connect to other rectangles.

Other rules govern the system too, for instance, a dead end may only be a rectangular or cavern room, not a corridor (though some really small dead end rooms right now look like a corridor just ends.)

Eventually the room painters will also do things like insert monsters and objects into the rooms, but these simple painters will do for now.

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