What is Lair of the Kobolds?

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear about a kobold? Cannon fodder?  Little nuggets of exp? Quest monsters for noobs? Well the kobolds have had enough of that stereotype. Sure they start out as cannon fodder, but under your guidance perhaps they can survive long enough to flourish and maybe even prove themselves.

The idea for the game started out with the 48 hour game programming contest, Ludum Dare. The theme for Ludum Dare 15  was caverns, and what lives in caverns? Goblins! Goblins who could perhaps set traps to kill any invading adventurers as well as clearing the caverns of trolls. The result of the 48 hours wasn’t exactly a work of art, but the seed of the idea was there.

Work continued on the game. Where I implemented mining, smelting, and the gathering of food. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to work on it and pushed it aside.

Recently I’ve started it up again, coding it with a full 3D Voxel engine. Also I’ve changed the monster of choice to kobolds, since they have some interesting gameplay elements and they don’t get enough recognition. I will be posting more information on the game here as it is implemented.

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